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Hopkins Marine Station (1951 - Present)

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Pacific Grove, California


In 1950 the 40 ft ship "Tage" (named after Hopkins fish biologist Karl Jonas Tage Skogsberg who retired the year before) starts work for Hopkins Marine Station in Monterey Bay and will continue until 1979. Most of the work was "hydrology" which means trawls of various kinds to sample life in the bay and on the bottom, and water analysis to determine quality and nutrient load. Because the canneries had collapsed, due to over fishing, there was a growing concern for the bay itself. With the deep Monterey Canyon, decadal occillations and a productivity unmatched worldwide, how exactly did all of this 'work'?

Also during the 1950's, an opportunity arose to gather a collection of high resolution photographs of the intertidal surrounding Hopkins Marine Station.

Faculty present in 1950s were:


Cornelis van Niel
Cornelis van Niel
Starting in 1962 the Te Vega, a 130 foot yacht, took students and researchers from Monterey to the south seas and the Indian Ocean, again doing hydrology, in order to better understand the oceans and how they work. Last voyage in 1968.
Marinostat building comes on line w/ hot and cold running seawater and light controlled rooms. 1963
John Phillips spearheads the development of Biology Course 175H, introducing students to independent research. 1963
Cornelis van Niel is 1st biologist awarded the President's National Medal of Science. 1964
John Phillips become director in 1965. Princess Huniko from Japan visits. 1965
Alan Baldrige becomes librarian. 1966
Stanford purchases Hovden cannery to prevent hotel being built next door. 1968
In 1968 Julius B. Phillips, California Department of Fish and Game, retires after forty years in an office at Hopkins on the top floor of Agassiz.
The Proteus, a 90 foot tuna boat,  bought in 1969 continues the work of the Te Vega, but mostly in Monterey Bay.

Faculty present in the 1960s were:


Boatworks Restoration- Pat Hathaway Collection 1977
Boat Works Restoration- Pat Hathaway Collection 1977

Flora and Fauna - as described in the 1971 Hopkins Marine Station Bulletin 
Hovden cannery closes (canning squid) in 1972. Hopkins uses it for storage.
Colin Pittendrigh becomes director in 1976. Isabella Abbott and George J. Hollenberg publish Marine Algae of California.
Boat Works becomes library, dive lockers, and front office in 1977.
Friends of Hopkins Marine Station started. Dick Berlin first chairperson, 1978.
Isabella Abbott receives Dean's Award for Distinguished Teaching, 1979.

Faculty present in the 1970s were:


Intertidal Invertebrates of California
Intertidal Invertebrates of California
Morris, Abbott, Haderlie publishes Intertidal Invertebrates of California, 1980
Donald P. Abbott receives Disnkelspiel Award for Outstanding Service to ugrad edu, 1982
Hopkins Marine Life Refuge is renewed. Monterey Bay Aquarium opens. 1984
The Aquaria building is completed. 1985
Mark Denny publishes Biology and the Mechanics of the Wave-Swept Environment, 1988
Miller Library opens. Dennis Powers is director. 1989

Faculty present in the 1980s were:


President Clinton and Vice President Gore visited Hopkins Marine Station 1998
President Clinton and Vice President Gore visited Hopkins Marine Station 1998
Alan Baldridge publishes Gray Whales, 1991
Denny publishes Air and Water, 1993
Tuna Research and Conservation Center opens {TRCC) 1994
David Epel receives Allan Cox Medal for Faculty Excellence Fostering Undergraduate Research, 1995
DeNault Research building opens, 1996
Mark Denny receives Walter J. Gores Award for Excellence in Teaching. President Clinton and VP Gore visit. 1998
Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Honors George Somero, 1998

Faculty present in the 1990s were:


Milestones in Microbiology Site
Milestones in Microbiology Site
Mark Denny receives Dean's Award for Distinguished Teaching. George Somero becomes director, 2000
Barbara Block publishes Tuna: Physiology, Ecology, and Evolution, 2001
Steve Palumbi publishes The Evolution Explosion : How Humans Cause Rapid Evolutionary Change, 2001
George Somero publishes Biochemical Adaptation: Mechanism and Process in Physiological Evolution, 2002
Stanford@SEA starts and continues every other year to present, 2003
American Society for Microbiology designated Hopkins Marine Station as a "Milestones in Microbiology" site in memorial to Professor Cornelis B. van Niel's 32 years of research and teaching, 2004
Gilly, Baxter, & Burnett retrace Sea of Cortez cruise, 2004
Hopkins Marine Life Refuge name was changed to Hopkins State Marine Reserve. 2005
James Watanabe receives Western Society of Naturalists Naturalist of the Year Award, 2005
Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Honors Barbara Block, 2005
James Watanabe receives the Dean's Award for Distinguished Teaching and the Western Society of Naturalists Naturalist of the Year Award, 2006
Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Honors David Epel, 2006
Allan A. Cox Medal for Fostering Excellence in Undergraduate Research at Stanford University, 1995
Mark Denny & Joanna Nelson publishes Conversations with Marco Polo: the Remarkable Life of Eugene C. Haderlie, 2006
Mark Denny publishes Encyclopedia of Tidepools and Rocky Shores, 2007
Mark Denny publishes How the Ocean Works: an Introduction to Oceanography, 2008
Stephen Palumbi becomes director, 2008
Scott Gilbert and David Epel publish Ecological Developmental Biology: integrating epigenetics, medicine and evolution,2009

Faculty present in 2000s were:


Open House, May 2017
Open House, May 2017
Stephen Palumbi and Carolyn Sotka publish The Death & Life of Monterey Bay, 2010
Stephen Palumbi wins Benchley Award for Excellence in Science, 2011
Barbara Block given the Rolex Award for Enterprise, 2012
Stephen Palumbi & son Anthony Palumbi publish The Extreme Life of the Sea, 2014
The David Epel Microscopy Center established in the Jacques Loeb Building, 2015
Special issue dedicated to George Somero, Journal of Experimental Biology, 2015
Scott Gilbert and David Epel publish Ecological Developmental Biology: The environmental regulation of development, health and evolution, 2015
Jeremy Goldbogen receives ONR: 2016 Young Investigator Award ONR, 2016
Barbara Block receives Benchley Ocean Award—the Academy Award of the ocean COS, 2016
Steve Palumbi elected to the National Academy of Sciences NAS, 2016
Mark Denny publishes Ecological Mechanics, 2016
Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Honors Fiorenza Micheli, 2017

Mark Denny becomes director, 2018

Faculty present in the 2010s were:

Fiorenza Micheli and Jeremy Goldbogen become co-directors, 2020
Stuart Thompson receives Walter J. Gores Award for Excellence in Teaching, 2022
Hopkins Marine Station become part of the  Doerr School of Sustainability.

Faculty present in the 2020s are:

Memorial Lecture Series

List of Seminars Past

Specimen Collections