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The Science and Philosophy of Edward Flanders Robb Ricketts (1897-1948)

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Ed Ricketts

"A review of Ricketts’ personal papers - more specifically his extensive inter - referenced card filing system and letters of correspondence - suggests that within the first year of his arrival in Pacific Grove, Ricketts was mixing with the scientists associated with Stanford's seaside laboratory. These interactions with Hopkins scientists involved their helping Ricketts to identity the marine invertebrates he was in the business of collecting; and Ricketts providing marine species the scientists were in the business of taxonomically describing in their scientific publications.
--- Chapter 4 of Donald Kohrs' book on Hopkins early years 1918-1950

YouTube video of Donald Kohrs talking about The Publishing of Between Pacific Tides, 1st Edition (1939)

Ricketts' Scientific Interests

Ricketts' Chicago Roommates