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Harold Heath

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Area: embryology

Harold Heath

Years: 1894-1934

Born in Vevay, Indiana, in 1868, Harold Heath graduated from Wesleyan University of Ohio in 1893, during which time he served as instructor of Biology from 1890-1893. He next spent two years (1894-1896) as Professor of Biology at the College of the Pacific, Stockton California and as an instructor of invertebrate zoology at Stanford University.  For graduate school, Heath attended the University of Pennsylvania (1896-1898) with Professor E. G. Conklin serving as his primary advisor. Harold Heath participated as a student at the original Hopkins Seaside Laboratory in 1894, and instructor in the summer courses from 1895-1899, serving as Instructor in Charge during the summer of 1909. He came to the faculty of Stanford University, first serving as Assistant Professor (1898-1901), then Associate Professor (1901-09), and Full Professor (1909-1933), upon which time he became Professor Emeritus.

 In 1925, having obtained the reluctant consent of Ray Lyman Wilbur, Harold Heath became the next full-time resident faculty positioned at Hopkins Marine Station. Over the course of the next nine years, Professor Heath instructed courses in embryology, invertebrate, and vertebrate zoology, while supervising undergraduate and graduate research in embryology, morphology, and zoology. 

For the Annual Report of the President of Stanford University For The Forty Second Academic Year ending August 31, 1933, WK Fisher provided the following: Professor Heath retires at the close of the present academic year, thus terminating a teaching career of which nearly forty years have been spent in the service of Stanford University. Throughout that period he has achieved a position of distinction in Zoology and has held the merited affection and esteem of his students and his colleagues. We note his retirement with no merely formal expression of regret.


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Harold Heath 1868 - 1951