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Te Vega History

1928 Cox and Stevens commissioned by New Jersey based yachtsman Walter G Ladd to design him a schooner to be built by Germaniawerft Krupp in Kiel

1930 Schooner ETAK launched and delivered; registered in New York

1933 Walter Ladd dies, ETAK sold to Adolph M Dick and renamed VEGA

1937 VEGA sold to construction tycoon Hans W Rohl and taken via California to Hawaii, where subsequently she and her owner become embroiled in a scandal involving defence contracts

1942 US Navy acquires VEGA, renaming her USS JUNIATA to serve as a patrol vessel in the Eastern Pacific. Then in 1945 decommissioned she was bought and renamed VEGA by aviation pioneer Thomas F Hamilton for chartering

1951 Sold to plumbing fortune heir Cornelius Crane – and the same year dismasted in a storm off Tahiti, then to idle for some years

1954 VEGA bought by sailing legend Omer Darr and remasted. He renamed her TE VEGA for luxury tourism between Hawaii and the Society Islands, where she starred in the movie “South Seas Adventure”, then in 1958 sold to lumber industry executive Harold A Miller.

1959 - 1962 TE VEGA operated for Miller by charter firm VEB Nicholson and Sons in the Caribbean then to be sold to Stanford University for conversion to an oceanographic research vessel

1963 - 1969 Participates in International Indian Ocean and other scientific expeditions through Hopkins Marine Station of Stanford University

1969 - Sold to Flint School in Florida, run by George Stoll and his son Jim

1970 - 1981 Used as a floating school for teenagers, sailing mostly in the Caribbean and Europe until put up for sale in 1981

1982 - 1992 TE VEGA bought by Landmark School Massachusetts and operated by Steve Wedlock and Kim Pedersen as Watermark School for dyslexic teenagers. Although the boat was sold twice - in 1987 and 1988 to Dutch owners, Watermark continued to rent the boat, notably sailing to Leningrad. At the end of their program TE VEGA was sold to the family of Calisto Tanzi founder and head of food giant Parmalat.

1992 - 1997 Restoration undertaken

1997 – 2004 Luxury status regained, TE VEGA participated on the Mediterranean circuit before the Parmalat Scandal brought down the Tanzi family forcing them to sell.

2006  - 2017 TE VEGA bought by Andrea della Valle, vice chairman of fashion shoe company Tod’s; renamed DEVA and sailed throughout the Western Med.

2017 - DEVA is up for sale