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Ed Ricketts: Survey Cards

Mrs. Edward F. Ricketts gifted the following index cards of Edward F. Ricketts to the Stanford University Library in 1948.  These cards present the marine invertebrates Ed Ricketts collected, the approximate location and date.

PDF of the "Pacific Biological Laboratories" catalog of 1929 - 1930 46MB, courtesy of Pat Hathaway, California Views

If you wish to use the images of Edward F Ricketts 3' x 5' index cards that appear on the following pages, please credit Stanford University as follows

Courtesy of Miller Library, Hopkins Marine Station of Stanford University (1)


1. The Science and Philosophy of Edward Flanders Robb Ricketts (1897–1948). Unpublished material, including Ricketts' extensive collection catalogue compiled by the staff of the Harold A. Miller Library and Hopkins Marine Station, Stanford University. Courtesy of the Stanford University Archives. Retrieved mm/dd/yyyy from


Monterey Bay Region

Porifera PDF
Ctenophora PDF
Hydroids  PDF
Siphonophores PDF
    Hydromedusae PDF
    Scyphomedusae PDF
Alcyonaria PDF
Zoantharia PDF
    Hydrocorallina PDF

Turbellaria PDF
Trematoda PDF
Cestoda PDF
Nemertea PDF
Bryozoa/Ectoprocta PDF
Brachiopoda PDF

Nebaliacea [Leptostraca] PDF
Amphipoda  PDF
Isopoda PDF
Schizopoda [Mysidacea] PDF
Decapoda Anomura PDF
Decapoda Brachyura PDF
Decapoda Natantia PDF
Decapoda Palinura PDF
Copepoda PDF
Cirripedia [except Rhizocephala] PDF
Rhizocephala PDF
Pycnogonida  PDF

Amphineura PDF
Prosobranchiata PDF
Opisthobranchiata Tectibranchiata PDF
Opisthobranchiata Nudibranchiata PDF
Pelecypoda  PDF
Scaphopoda PDF
Cephalopoda PDF

Polychaeta  PDF
Sipunculoidea PDF
Echiuroidea PDF
Hirudinea PDF

Asteroidea PDF
Ophiuroidea PDF
Echinoidea PDF
Holothurioidea PDF
Crinoidea PDF

Ascidiacea PDF
Thaliacea PDF
Larvacea PDF

Cyclostomata Myxinoidea PDF

Elasmobranchs PDF
Teleosts PDF

Miscellaneous PDF

Southern California & Mexico

Porifera  PDF
Alcyonaria PDF

Turbellaria PDF
Bryozoa/Ectoprocta  PDF
Phoronida  PDF

Stomatopoda PDF
Amphipoda  PDF
Isopoda PDF
Schizopoda [Mysidacea] PDF
Decapoda PDF
Pycnogonida PDF

Amphineura PDF
Gastropoda PDF
Pelecypoda  PDF
Cephalopoda PDF

Polychaeta  PDF
Sipunculoidea  PDF

Asteroidea PDF
Ophiuroidea PDF
Echinoidea PDF
Holothurioidea  PDF

Inside Passage PDF

Sea of Cortez

Porifera  PDF
Hydrozoa  PDF
Anthozoa   PDF
Turbellaria PDF
Nemertea  PDF
Bryozoa/Ectoprocta PDF
Polychaeta  PDF
Sipunculoidea  PDF
Echiuroidea  PDF
Asteroidea  PDF

Queen Charlotte Islands British Columbia

Acmaeidae PDF
Amphineura PDF
Amphipoda PDF
Anomidae PDF
Anthozoa Alcyonaria PDF
Anthozoa Zoantheria PDF
Asteroidea PDF
Brachiopoda PDF
Brachyura PDF
Bryozoa PDF
Buccinidae PDF
Calyptraeidae PDF
Cardiidae PDF
Cephalopoda PDF
Cerithiidae PDF
Certithiopsidae PDF
Cirripedia PDF
Columbellidae PDF
Copepoda and Argulida PDF
Ctenaphora PDF
Cymatiidae PDF
Decapoda Anomura_Callianassidae PDF
Echinoidea PDF
Fissurellidae PDF
Haliotidae PDF
Holothuriodea PDF
Hydroids PDF
Hydromedusae PDF
Inside Passage PDF
Isopoda PDF
Lacundae PDF
Lamelaridae PDF
Leptonidae PDF
Litiopidae PDF
Littorinidae PDF
Lucinidae PDF
Lyonsiidae PDF
Mactridae PDF
Melanellidae PDF
Muricidae PDF
Myacidae PDF
Mysidacea PDF
Mytilidae PDF
Natantia PDF
Naticidae PDF
Nemertea PDF
Olividae PDF
Ophiuroidae PDF
Opisthobranchiata PDF
Pectinidae PDF
Pisces PDF
Polychaeta PDF
Pulmonata PDF
Pycnogonida PDF
Pyramidellidae PDF
Rhizocephala PDF
Rissoidae PDF
Saxicavidae PDF
Scyphozoa PDF
Sipunculoidea PDF
Solenidae PDF
Sponges PDF
Statistics PDF
Tellenidae PDF
Trichotropidae PDF
Trochidae PDF
Tunicata PDF
Turbellaria PDF
Turbinidae PDF
Veneridae PDF



Ed Ricketts Explanation of the Survey Cards PDF

Color Coordinated Survey Cards PDF

Explanation of Bibliography Cards PDF

Color Coordinated Bibliography Cards PDF

Marine Invertebrates of the Pacific Coast

A checklist the common littoral species from Panama to the Bering Sea, with keys and bibliographies
Edward F. Ricketts
Pacific Biological Laboratories
Pacific Grove, Calif.
Based on personal observations and analyses of the literature Including all species to occur commonly or abundantly  between the tides and to depths of 25 fathoms. Including also all commercially important animals and those taken abundantly with them (so that the student may identify the invertebrates taken by commercial fishermen, trawlers, shrimpers. etc., to depths of 75 or l00 fathoms).
Species known only from deeper waters have not been listed, nor those known only from a single station. Pelagic material has been considered only when it occurs inshore also. Protozoa have been excluded. Geographic ranges are cited based on most recent available published records, plus personal collecting.
A resume of the Aleutian, North Temperate, and Panamic faunas.
MB Survey Card File p -1-
This file is constituted differently than, for instance, the Vancouver, Islands survey file.
Data on which this file is based was got long before I had any of the large and exact ideas applicable to the Vancouver Island survey  right from the start. The MB thing was a gradual outgrowth, and was attended to sporadically, sometimes not at all for many years in gaps between XX the supply business and other activities. And the 1937 fire intervened.
The few hundred cards starting out the MB File herewith results from pre-fire date. stored in the safe at the time of the fire and mostly recorded on three types of collecting records cards, per samples attached herewith. In the old days of commercial collecting activities, a collecting report was made of each trip, At the end of the year these were bound, and the aim was for me to go thru them and draw off information on occurrence, distribution, breeding activities etc., onto the collecting record cards. I did this however only occasionally, and for certain selected groups. The hydroids for instance were covered sometime late in 1936, end there are some fairly comprehensive records, of' Obelia for example, from 1923 to 1926.
MB Survey Card file Introduction.. p -2-
Post-fire information indicates that about 800 cards were so prepared, mostly from Monterey, with some from Southern California, and a few which seem to have disappeared perhaps the file was out when the fire struck applying to Puget Sound. But even this information is spotty and incomplete. Many of the specimens determined by specialists in written reports at the time, seem to have been recorded, but I don't know even if phase of the work was completely recorded. And certainly many animals that I knew for sure arn't in the file. These date are being; transferred (Nov 15, 1946) to the PBL Survey Cards ,Buff; and the resulting file will be the start of the MB Survey Card File.
Gray Survey  File
Southern California—Northern Lower California
When in early April 1947 I started to copy file onto the new Gray Survey cards, the: old file showed 186 cards as of 28 Dec. 1930, with the note "The  Nemerteans, hydroids, chitons, worms and small Crustacea particularly, not worked up. 
The old file was of Southern California, Lower California, Pacific Coast, etc, particularly as exemplified by Newport Bay, Laguna Beach and San Diego. Many of the items however represented species reported by MacGinitie in a MS made up for Dr Morgan, of which I had a copy, and these items I eliminated from the present file, retaining only the species I myself collected and identified or had identified, and for which I had exact date, and date of collecting.
About 97-98 cards April 14, 1947
Survey Files
The classification (of the species file also) could be based on the Biological Abstracts annual index volume
Check backs on the survey files are easy on the stuff collected since 1945, difficult or impossible before 1933 (in the interim there were no postings). The modern collections can be checked back either thru the date (look up in RCR or in NSN'B) or thru the ident. number (look up in the file of Specialists Identification Reports). For the earlier collections there is no easy check-up possible. All the records backing them were destroyed by fire. Only chance is (in the case of USNM identifications) to write them, ask them to look up what data they have under their catalog number. All stuff sent to USNM as labelled, and accompanied by an invoice with identical or s11pplementary data.. Perhaps they saved that.