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Ed Ricketts: Bibliography

bibliography cardMrs. Edward F. Ricketts gifted the following index cards of Edward F. Ricketts to the Stanford University Library in 1948.   This index card database presents the organizational structure Ricketts used to catalog his extensive scientific reprint collection. 

As described by Joel Hedgepeth in the book, The Outer Shores Part I: "Everything was to be cross-referenced in a system of three different sizes and five colors of filing cards, with references to pages in Between Pacific Tides, Sea of Cortez and his New Series Notebooks."

The Outer Shores / edited by Joel W. Hedgpeth. Eureka, Calif.: Mad River Press, c1978- v.: ill. ; 22 cm. ISBN 0-916422-13-5

If you wish to use the images of Edward F Ricketts 3' x 5' index cards that appear on the following pages, please credit Stanford University as follows

Courtesy of Miller Library, Hopkins Marine Station of Stanford University (1)


1. The Science and Philosophy of Edward Flanders Robb Ricketts (1897–1948). Unpublished material, including Ricketts' extensive collection catalogue compiled by the staff of the Harold A. Miller Library and Hopkins Marine Station, Stanford University. Courtesy of the Stanford University Archives. Retrieved mm/dd/yyyy from

Edward F. Ricketts' card index for his scientific reprint collection

Invertebrates, General PDF 18MB
Protozoa PDF 17MB
Porifera PDF 13MB
Coelenterata PDF 2MB
Hydroids PDF 24MB
Medusae (Hydromedusae and Scyphomedusae) PDF 15MB

Anthozoa PDF 3MB
Alcyonaria PDF 9MB
Zoantharia PDF 29MB
Corals: Hydrocorallina and Madreporaria PDF 16MB

Turbellaria other than Polyclads PDF 3MB
Polyclads PDF 8MB
Trematoda PDF 12MB
Cestodes PDF 3MB
Nemerteans PDF 13MB
Bryozoa PDF 16MB
Miscellaneous Small Groups: Brachiopods, Rotifers, Roundworms, Chaetognaths, Phoronids PDF 9MB

Crustacea, General PDF 12MB
Ostracoda PDF 2MB
Copepoda PDF 12MB
Cirripedia PDF 9MB
Rhizocephala PDF 3MB
Cladocera PDF 2MB
Amphipoda PDF 11MB
Isopoda PDF 15MB
Schizopoda PDF 9MB
Nebliacea PDF 2MB
Stomatopoda PDF 2MB
Cumacea PDF 1.4MB
Decapoda PDF 104MB

Pycnogonida PDF 22MB
Acarina PDF 2MB
“Shells” in general PDF 83MB
Amphineura PDF 16MB
Shelled Gastropods PDF 57MB
Naked Gastropods PDF 11MB

Pelecypoda PDF 48MB
Mussels (Mytilus) PDF 7MB
Oysters (Osteracea) PDF 4MB

Scaphopods, Cephalopods PDF 1MB
Annelida other than Polychaetes PDF 3MB
Polychaeta PDF 107MB
Sipunculoidea PDF 4MB
Echiuroidea PDF 9MB

Echinoderma, General PDF 17MB
Asteroidea PDF 27MB
Ophiuroidea PDF 6MB
Echinoidea PDF 7MB
Holothurioidea PDF 10MB
Crinoidea PDF 2MB

Hemichordata PDF 4MB
Tunicata (Urochordata) PDF 17MB
Amphioxus and Pisces PDF 31MB
Marine Reptiles, Birds and Mammals PDF 4MB
Marine Plants PDF 10MB

Marine Biology
Books PDF 30MB
General Marine Ecology PDF 72MB
Breeding PDF 2.5MB
Taxonomy PDF 1.8MB
Aggregations PDF 0.9MB
Biochemistry PDF 10MB
Cycles PDF 1.2MB
Physiology PDF 4.6MB
Hybridization PDF 2.8MB
Mussell Poisoning PDF 5.6MB
Methods PDF 7.5MB
Zoogeography PDF 10MB
Bibliography PDF 2.4MB
Lunar Periodicity PDF 1.2MB

Books PDF 14MB
General PDF 10MB
Chemistry of Seawater PDF 8.3MB
pH_misc., Physics of Seawater PDF 1.9MB
Tides PDF 3.3MB
Currents PDF 2.3MB
Upwelling PDF 1.8MB
Temperature PDF 4.3MB
Light PDF 4.8MB
Earthquakes PDF 2.0MB
Shorelines, Topography PDF 4.7MB
South American Coast PDF 1.9MB
Panamic Region, Central Ocean PDF 5.8MB
Southern California, General Oceanography PDF 4.6MB
Central California, General Oceanography PDF 2.8MB
Puget Sound, General Oceanography PDF 4.7MB
British Columbia South East Alaska, General Oceanography PDF 5.8MB

Plankton PDF 90MB
Pacific Coast Voyages, General PDF 10MB
Pacific Coast Localities PDF 4.9MB
British Columbia PDF 21MB
West Alaska PDF 27MB

Lower California and Adjacent Panamic Regions PDF 39MB
Ecuador PDF 6.8MB
Soupfin Shark PDF 2.2MB
Not Yet Classified PDF 6.6MB
Sardines PDF 120MB