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Ed Ricketts: Business Cards

Galileo High School, SF
Courtesy of Miller Library
Hopkins Marine Station of Stanford University

In the spring of 2016, Cannery Row Foundation Board member Gary Varga received from an anonymous donor three boxes of 3 x 5 index cards. Once the property of Edward F. Ricketts, this collection of cards, some dating back to the mid 1920’s, served as the address and records index for his biological supply business, the Pacific Biological Laboratories.


Upon his receiving the collection, Gary Varga immediately transferred legal possession of the cards to the President of the Cannery Row Foundation, Michael Hemp, who in turn presented the collection to the legal heir of Edward F. Ricketts material, Edward F. Ricketts Jr. After several weeks of reviewing the material, Edward F. Ricketts Jr. donated the collection of his father’s business cards to Stanford University.

Edward F. Ricketts collection of business cards reference academic institutions (universities, colleges, normal schools, high schools) and natural history museums throughout the world.

If you wish to use the images of Edward F Ricketts 3' x 5' index cards that appear on the following pages, please credit Stanford University as follows:

Courtesy of Miller Library, Hopkins Marine Station of Stanford University (1)

1. The Science and Philosophy of Edward Flanders Robb Ricketts (1897–1948). Unpublished material, including Ricketts' extensive collection catalogue compiled by the staff of the Harold A. Miller Library and Hopkins Marine Station, Stanford University. Courtesy of the Stanford University Archives. Retrieved mm/dd/yyyy from


US Business Cards (@ Stanford Digital Repository)

International Business Cards (@ Stanford Digital Repository)