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Te Vega Cruise #2

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Dates Fall Oct-Dec 1963
Chief Scientist Rolf Bolin
Senior Scientists L. H. Colinvaux, Joseph Rosewater, Alan J. Kohn, Richard H. Rosenblatt, Klaus Rutzler, Frank Gill
Junior Scientists Burdette E. Barrett, Louis DiSalvo, John T. Brunson, Michael T. Ghiselin, Larry J. Kelts, James Nybakken, Clark S. Olson, Elsie Louise Williams
Teaching Assistants
Captain E. Burton Olsen
Ports of call Singapore to Colombo, Ceylon

Narrative by Bolin (pdf)

Installment 6, Oct 25 Singapore to Nov. 9 Port Swettenham, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Phuket, Thailand
Installment 7,  Nov. 9 Phuket via Penang, Malaysia to Nov 28 Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia.
Installment 8, Nov. 28-29 to Dec 13 Starting from and back to Padang.
Installment 9, Dec. 17 Padang to Jan 12, 1964 Colombo, Ceylon.

Te Vega Cruise #2 Binder (pdf)

Cruise itinerary, cruise map, Molluscs Collected During  Auxiliary Cruise “A”, general narrative, station reports =biological data.

Alan Kohn (pdf)


PDF of map locations

Larger red circle is the last point from Cruise #1


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